About me

I believe that everyone is a student and a teacher. We all have something we can learn or that we can teach one another. There are so many journeys in life which help you to grow and sometimes you just need to try something new or Eclectic. Over time I have begun to realise the importance of being vulnerable, of putting yourself in situations that scare you, because I know that if you always play it safe you won't see all the good that is brought from being brave. It was when I found Yoga or really when Yoga found me, that the light bulb clicked. Yoga has taught me so much about myself and continues to help me grow and find true happiness within me.

I'm Sammy McDermott and the founder of The Eclectic Narrative. I work with women, who have some sort of intuitive feelings however would like to practice Yoga to tap into those gut feelings, which will help guide them in life. I run one-to-one Yoga sessions, Group Sessions and Corporate Yoga London. I help Businesses to offer their staff Wellbeing tools for dealing with work stress, pressure and fatigue. More businesses today realise the importance of offering Wellbeing activities to their staff, as it offers a decrease in staff illness, turnover and a great work morale.

My Eclectic Narrative...

Since I was little (although some would still call me little Sammy) I liked to be active and creative. I was always out in the streets roller blading during Primary School. In High School one of my favourite subjects was Textiles, I loved being able to create clothing and design what I liked. I thought this was the path I was going to follow, as well as the one including me working as a Zookeeper at Australia Zoo (Yes it was the home of Steve Irwin and yes-you must go there but back to my narrative…).

As time went on, I decided to do an Arts (Humanity and Social Sciences) degree, I continued to be unsure of what I wanted to do or just not having the guts to follow the paths which are not advisable by some. There are many other paths that we can follow which aren’t always societies ‘norms’ and you should be discouraged by this for taking on your fears or your gut instincts. I think University opened me up to the REAL world, and throughout my insecurities came to light. I didn't feel intelligent enough to be at university and I struggled to make a social life.

When yoga found me…I remember going to a few classes with my sister at my home town studio Yoga 101 in Sunbury. I was still in High School and my sister would always encourage me to join, however being young and new to yoga I found myself wanting to be the most flexible and found it frustrating when I could not do a particular pose. My yoga teacher Michelle taught me that yoga comes to you when you are ready. It took me a few more years go to classes on a regular basis without long gaps between practices. It wasn’t until 2015-2016 when I went through a time when I was ready for growth and change, that Yoga found me. In 2017 I took part in a yoga retreat (Check out my blog), it was that year I realised I would like to train as a Yoga Teacher but most of all I needed an understanding of how yoga worked. It was through 2017 that I really started to unlock many mental and physical knots that had accumulated into my body.

Ever since I was young I experienced anxiety and Yoga has truly helped me to break through the struggle. I believe I will always be to some degree a worrier, however yoga has taught me that there are so many of moments of peace which can be found through the silence of yoga and meditation. Yoga has taught me that when we look inwards we take away those outside voices and the racing thoughts and we use our inner intuition as a guide.

During these years I also wanted to shake things up and to say yes to the things that scared me. One of them was singing, so I enrolled myself in a singing class. Singing lessons were for me what kept me going every week, my lessons with my teacher were a sort of therapy. Singing mixed with art therapy as my teacher helped me to explore everything that was holding me back and making me worry. I learnt that tapping into my intuition could be done through my passion for singing, songwriting and journaling which allowed me to feel energised and introverted for a time.

I believe in the power of wellbeing and that everyone’s wellbeing can create ripple effects on the world. The impacts of yoga, creativity, and music have helped my own wellbeing and I believe these can help people to tune into their intuition and find their purpose and passion in life. -Sammy

So where am I now you ask?

Well, I have been living and working in London for the past 2 years, having been back and forth here since I was young. I am teaching Yoga in London, working for a creative agency, travelling Europe in my spare time, meeting new people and blogging about my adventures. Some times travelling isn't always what you think it will be but it’s always what you need. Yoga and travel teaches us lessons, allows growth and to realise that life is always full of struggles but how we build our resilience and react to it, is what matters most. 

Moving back to the UK in 2017 was another fear I faced and it has been one hell of a ride of ups and downs. London is a hard city which toughens you up and also gives you so much to do and grow from (which can be overwhelming at times). By moving to the UK I was able to gain a sense of independence and have the challenge of becoming a Yoga teacher and studying without access to my Yoga community in Australia. Living in such a fast paced city stresses the importance to slow down, rest, recharge and reflect on how we are living our lives.

My Career background is a Corporate one and now one in a Creative Agency in London. I have created a life in which I can travel and learn many valuable lessons in Business and life itself through Yoga. It has taught me how to handle a work/life balance and that kindness goes along way in an office environment.

Yoga, singing and travelling have created for me an awareness about trusting my intuition and that life can be full of so much joy. It made me see possibilities, take chances, an awareness to tune in and notice how I am feeling, what I am needing for my wellbeing.⁠⁠