Hi there beautiful,

Welcome to this little pocket of the universe called The Eclectic Narrative. The Eclectic Narrative is a place where Yoga finds you and you find Yoga.

Where stories are told, and where your story will start to unfold. These Narratives are here to excite you to follow what makes you HAPPY or perhaps lead you to a new PERSPECTIVE. It's for those of you who are told by others what you should be doing with your life, but want to make your own path and JOURNEY. You will learn to UNDERSTAND the GROWTH that comes from following your INTUITION. Yoga is for those of you who feel lost in such a fast past, moving world, where sometimes you just need to ENJOY being in the MOMENT.


The Eclectic Narrative is a source for your Yoga & Wellbeing, including:

-A free Blog for Wellbeing, Adventure & Creative Inspiration

-Yoga Classes in Brixton London

-Yoga and Meditation advice

-And so much more…

I am here to help you through your Yoga journey and the GROWTH which comes from CREATING a mindful and intuitive life.

Love Sammy xx

All Yoga photos are by Lilly Sells Photography

The Eclectic Narrative-Where Yoga finds you...